Vendor and Contractor Screenings

Is a sex offender stocking your vending machines? Is a member of the cleaning crew a convicted thief? You conduct background checks on your employees, but what about your vendors, people who have access to your office, your files and your employees? And, what about contractors? Did you know you are potentially liable for their actions in your workplace, as well?

Background checks and drug testing can help you protect your people and the premises. Screenings can ensure you don't lose business because you didn't conduct the proper checks on contract labor.

In short, we help you work in a safer environment.

Validity will review your vendor and contractor agreements to ensure that these individuals are undergoing the same thorough background screenings your employees are. You'll also receive completed background reports, so you can be confident they are living up to your standards. If a report should reveal that a contractor or vendor is negligent in a certain area, we'll work with them to make sure all requirements are met.